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A very short post from me, I know am kinda doing this very late, but here’s wishing you a very merry christmas from me and a happy new year come 2013. A lot of us need to take our blogging career to the next level and for me am going to challenge myself to be at the top come 2013

Kitchen ideas for small kitchen

10 Kitchen Ideas for small kitchens

When remodeling a small kitchen, smart and innovative use of space and other kitchen ideas for small kitchens go a long way in creating a great kitchen. It is not always true that bigger space equals to roomier kitchen, even compact space can be judiciously used to make a small kitchen look sunny, bright and at the same time functional. The ten kitchen ideas for small kitchens listed below will make any kitchen inviting.

The first thing that can be done to make a small kitchen look bigger is to knock out a wall on one side. An open kitchen with a small seating area is one of the smartest kitchen ideas for a small kitchen. The next thing that needs to be considered is the microwave. Removing the microwave from the counter top and adding it to a cabinet space is quite a challenge but worth the effort because it will give any kitchen lots of moving space.


                                                                  A well lit kitchen

Some of the cabinets that have blind corner make storing and retrieving items a nightmare. Adding a lazy-Susan to the cabinets will solve the problem. But if stuck with blind-corner cabinets one of the best kitchen ideas for small kitchen tips would be to add half-moon cabinets that make accessibility easy.

Storing dishes in the eating area can also be smart kitchen ideas for small kitchen because it will minimize the actual items inside the kitchen itself. Cabinet-depth refrigerator will give at least four inches spaces on the wall and room space. Having a single-bowl sink is another of those really great kitchen ideas for small kitchen tips that can be considered.

Another innovative but often less considered kitchen ideas for small kitchens is the use of cart instead of island. Kitchen carts are more versatile and flexible. Considering pantry cabinet in a closet is the most space saving option. The less used and bulkier stuff can be stored away in the closet helping save quite a lot of space and making the kitchen roomier.

Another tip is making good use of roll-outs. Shelves with roll-outs give lots of storage space. Every utensil can be stored away neatly in the shelves. But one of the often overlooked kitchen ideas for small kitchens is the use of under-cabinet lighting. Under-cabinet lighting not only makes the kitchen look bright but working in well lit kitchen is also much easier than semi-dark ones.


Soup kitchens in new york

Reinventing the Soup Kitchens in New York

The concept of kitchen soups started in the eighteenth century but has undergone many changes and the kitchen soups in New York have been reinvented to meet the demands of a modern society. Most of the time soup kitchens have met with opposition because it is thought that they promote pauperism and deny the poor self reliance. But soup kitchens in New York are not the just a place for free meals. They have innovated and reinvented themselves to become import community centers that provide networking and other social benefits for the less privileged.

soup kitchen in new york

Soup kitchens in New York carter to wide variety of people and not just the homeless and poor, people with disabilities and the elderly all can find healthy and nutritious meals here. Even people who are well off but those are on a time crunch can grab a healthy meal at various soup kitchens. Initially though soup kitchens were designed to provide low-cost but nutritional food to the military soup kitchens in New York now even double up as affordable eating places even for working classes.

As the name suggests soup kitchens first served only soups and bread but now, have diversified to include a variety of food like sandwiches, macaroni, cheese, pasta and stews. Even beverages like tea, coffee and fruit juices are provided. Some of the soup kitchens in New York also serve desserts like cakes, cookies, pies and donuts. Meat in casseroles are also served and though most of them serve canned and processed food, there is no denying that soup kitchens have now become an integral part of the society. Soup Kitchen International, New York City that run by Food Bank also provide full meals that can be picked by eligible people and then enjoyed at home or family setting.

A majority of the soup kitchens in New York are also affiliated to other non-profit organizations. Some of them are part of local churches. There are very few privately run soup kitchens because financial resources and other necessary equipments are not that easy to procure. But soup kitchens that are run with the help of other organizations can find staff and other resources from retail outlets or volunteers.

Soup kitchens in New York are open weekdays and serve either lunch or dinner but very few serve both. Despite all the arguments against soup kitchens, the reason why they still exist is because they carter to the needs of the poor on an immediate basis.

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Backstory » Emeryville Renovation: Part 1

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In our latest Backstory series, we’ll be previewing the loft renovation that will be the featured My House in Dwell’s November issue—our first-ever online sneak peek. Here, Emeryville, California architect Peter Benoit will share the process behind customizing the San Francisco Bay area loft he shares with his wife, Lynda. Part 1: As it Was.

We had been looking for places for about a year when we finally found this loft. It had a lot that needed to be done—and undone—but the view and high ceilings really hooked us, and we knew that we could work with it. Here’s how we lived in it for about five months, before we started the renovation.

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The open spaces and transparency of modern architecture turn out to be extremely useful when there’s a house full of relatives.

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By:Miyoko OhtakePhotos by:Nicholas CalcottProject Name:Russell / Fontanez ResidenceLocation:New York, New YorkPublished in:November 11By inserting a tunnel made from 36 reclaimed commercial doors and tearing down a handful of walls, LOT-EK and contractor Andreas Scholtz brought light into the formerly unused dark hallway in Maurice Russell (right) and Jorge Fontanez’s apartment. The glossy Safety Red paint by Benjamin Moore catches the light by day but

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